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Edinburgh's Longest-running Weekly Plastic-and-Foam Sword-fencing Classes

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Fencing is Fun is an all-volunteer fencing outreach programme, aimed mainly at primary school-age kids.

We use very safe equipment - children's masks and a variety of foam and plastic swords - and loads of games to get everyone enthused, excited, active and a bit sweaty!

For older children and adults, we use a variety of equipment, exercises and games.

Fencing, and the training we do for it, is great for fitness, mobility, balance, co-ordination, reflexes, core muscles and stamina.  And for getting your brain active.

So far, 1,084 people have been given lessons - including 984 children new to fencing - and we've run 3406 student-hours of sessions at 21 venues. A third of the children at our tasters go on to regular classes. We are feeding children to fencing clubs, from Clydebank to Edinburgh.


Latest News

More club badge designs

The badge designs for Carrickvale and North Merchiston clubs are now complete, and the badges will be available soon.


 FiF North Merchiston is moving

As of next week, FiF North Merchiston is moving to a dedicated salle d'armes in North Merchiston Club.

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First Scottish Championship for plastic sword-fencing announced

Scottish Fencing, the national governing body for Olympic-rules sword-fencing, intend to host a Scottish Championship for Plastic Foils on May the 12th and 13th of 2012.


First FiF club badge designs completed

FiF Ratho, FiF Craiglockhart, and FiF Hillwood club badges are now designed, and will be available in a few weeks.


FiF Hillwood starts

Our new classes at Hillwood Primary in Ratho Station start on Monday, 12th September, 2011.

FiF fencers are the first Primary school pupils to pass a Scottish Schools grading 

Congratulations to Rachel and Sean of FiF Craiglockhart, on their Grade 1 passes for Foil, and also to Secondary pupil Ben, of FiF Ratho, after being graded by Prof. H.T. Bracewell, the retired Scottish National Team Coach.
June '11

First Scottish Schools grading pass for FiF

Congratulations to Eilidh of FiF Ratho, on her Foil Grade 1 and Sabre Grade 1 passes.

FiF Grading system now matched to the Scottish Schools grading system

Some time ago, Professor HT Bracewell of the British Academy of Fencing and, until recently, the Board of Scottish Fencing, has created a Scottish Schools grading system for Scottish Fencing.

We have now matched our own Levels and badge system to Scottish Fencing's Scottish Schools grades, to help our fencers pass the grading system of the national governing body for the sport of Olympic-rules fencing.

FiF is now on Twitter

News about cancellations from snow and other events will be posted there, as well as e-mailed and txtd.

To follow us, we're @Fencing_Is_Fun

The Plastic-and-Foam Fencing FunLeague

Inaugural Interclub Match

PaFF logo

We're delighted to announce that the inaugural PaFF Interclub FunLeague match was a roaring success, and that we will announce the date of the second match soon.

We held 84 fights on Saturday 22nd January, across three divisions of the league, between children from 7 schools and clubs.

The Bracewell Trophy for Form PaFF Trophy for Form
1st Rachel
2nd Eilidh
3rd= Morgan & Sean

The League

Division A Division B Division C
1st Lewis Morgan Ben J
2nd Eilidh Lachlan Angus
3rd Sean Steven Ben R

Winners are listed on the League page, and the full results are also online - please contact us to get access.

PaFF logo

PaFF FunLeague - Inaugural InterClub Match

The medals and trophies have now arrived!  Entries close a week today - on Wednesday 19th January.

The Match will now be held on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011.

Check-in will be at 11:30am until 11:50am, and Fencing will finish no later than 4pm.

Full Details


North Merchiston class started today at St. Michaels Parish Church Hall

Over 600 Children introduced to fencingThanks to the pupils enrolled at our newest class, we've broken the 600 barrier. 


Postponed due to bad weather
PaFF FunLeague - Inaugural InterClub Match

The Match will now be held on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011.

Check-in will be slightly earlier - 11:30am until 11:50am, and Fencing will finish no later than 4pm.

Full Details


Craiglockhart Primary School Class re-opens

Craiglockhart Primary School is now open again, and we will hold our class there today.   We expect to hold next week's classes there, as planned. 


Classes closed due to snow

car deep in snowSnow has closed our classes at:

  • Carrickvale
  • Craiglockhart
  • Hawthornden
  • Ratho


New Class opening in New Year

We finally have an open class in the Gorgie / Dalry / Shandon / Polwarth area.

It will run from 3:45 until 4:45pm, on Wednesday afternoons, starting 12th January 2011, in St. Michael's Parish Church Hall, at the junction of Slateford Road, Harrison Road, Ardmillan Terrace and Angle Park Terrace.

The venue is right on the 4, 44, 25, 34 and 35 bus routes, and very close to the 1, 2, 3, 10, 25, 27 and 33 bus routes. 

Full details are on the Classes page.


More than 600 people now introduced to fencing

After yesterday's tasters, and today's tasters at Stenhouse Primary, we've now given more than 600 people their first taste of fencing.   18/11/10

First Tasters held for the Guiding Association 

The Rainbows and Brownies of St. Michael's Parish Church all got a taste of fencing today, using our new "buzzer" foils.   17/11/10

More than 500 children now introduced to fencing

Thanks to our initial batch of taster sessions at Stenhouse Primary School, we broke the magical 500 barrier for children introduced to fencing.

More than 500 children introduced to fencing, by 3rd Nov 2010


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